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Danby Parcel Guard: The Smart Mailbox - Grey

Danby Parcel Guard: The Smart Mailbox - Grey


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Parcel Guard by Danby is the smart mailbox for your home. While traditional mailboxes have served us well for many decades, the demands of today’s homeowners have changed. More online shopping means more parcel deliveries. Parcel Guard keeps all your online deliveries safe until you get home - no more worrying about parcel theft or weather-damaged boxes. Simply plug your unit in, connect to the Danby Parcel Guard app, and start tracking your deliveries. Your delivery driver places your packages inside Parcel Guard’s drop slot and you receive a notification that your package is secured. The Parcel Guard app not only allows you to track deliveries: you can also lock and unlock it from any smart device, anywhere, making this mailbox great for lending and borrowing with friends too. Take porch and package security to the next level with this multi-functional unit, loaded with modern features including an IP live stream camera, tamper alarm and door ajar system buzzer. Lastly, the industrial grade plastic was specially designed to withstand the elements. Fits standard parcels 8" x 10" x 15".

IOS/ANDROID APP CONNECTED - Monitor and control your Parcel Guard from anywhere

WATCH, RECORD AND MONITOR - Turn on the live stream camera to oversee deliveries, observe suspicious porch activity and feel confident knowing your packages are safe

ALARM - The tamper alarm sounds a loud, car-style horn and sends a notification via the app if anyone attempts to pick up the unit or open it with force

MOTION SENSOR - Uses passive infrared sensors to detect motion and activate the camera

WEIGHT MONITOR - When packages are dropped off or picked up, a notification will be sent to you via the app

INDUSTRIAL-GRADE PLASTIC - Made of durable industrial grade plastic, it protects your packages from rain, snow, sleet, and potential thieves

GROUND SECURE - Bolt it to the ground or add weights to the bottom of the unit to secure it to your porch

BATTERY BACKUP - Plugs into any standard outlet with battery backup in case of a power outage

WARRANTY - Parcel Guard comes with 24 months parts and labour coverage on defective components.

Unit Dimensions
Width: 19.75"
Depth:  15.91"
Height: 39.39"
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