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BergHoff 1108193 - 9 Piece Barbecue Set with Wrap & Apron

BergHoff 1108193 - 9 Piece Barbecue Set with Wrap & Apron


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A complete set of tools to make every outdoor dinner a success. The tongs are one of the most essential tools for outdoor grilling: the serrated edge ensures a secure grip to turn and flip all the foods you’re grilling while the long stay-cool handle keeps your hands safely away from the heat.The long, wide blade of the slotted turner will let you get under the food to lift more delicate items. A meat fork is also in this outdoor tool set. This tool particularly comes in handy when carving a roast or to turn vegetables on the grill.

Is it an apron or a bag? The answer is...both! Use it as an apron while grilling to have all the tools at hand and when you’re done, conveniently store all the tools in it. Set includes: 2.5" salt cellar; 2.5" pepper pot; 9" steak fork; 10" steak knife; 18.5" meat fork; 18.5" slotted turner; 18.5" tongs, oven mitt and apron. Dishwasher safe.

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